Korean Drama

I always watch tv. There are many programs. I watch drama often. These day, I watch ‘Ssam myway’ and ‘Suspicious partner’.


First, I watch ‘Suspicious partner’. The main characters are Changwook Ji and Jihyen Nam. Changwook Ji is very handsome actor. It is romence comedy. There was a murder case for her house. So Jihyen had caution. But Changwook help her. Also she get free. And then she fall in love to him.


쌈 마이웨이.jpg

Next, It is ‘Ssam myway’. It is romence comedt too. The main characters are Seojoon Park, Jiwon Kim, Jaehong An, Hayoon Song. They are childhood freind. And they are old, Hayoon and Jaehong fall in love. Seojoon was good at taekwondo. But he was a student, there was some case. So he gave up taekwondo. Last, Jiwon like talking in many people. Also her dream is anchor. However, she was dismissed anchor. Finally the story is they strive for they’re dreams.

I think this 2 dramas are very funny!


About BTS

방탄소년단 2

I like K pop music. Out of there, I really love BTS. BTS is K pop boy group ‘Bangtan Boys’.

There are 7 members  Jin, Suga, J hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, Jungkook. In June 13th 2013, they debuted as members of BTS. They’re debut song is ‘NO MORE DREAM’. Then they played ‘N.O’, ‘Real Man’, ‘Danger’. But in ‘I need you’, they made a big hit. Also, since then they are the most popular boy group in Korea. I know BTS in ‘I need you’. However, I love BTS in ‘Blood sweat tear’. In 2017, they play ‘Spring Day’. ‘Spring Day’ is they’re title song. They went overseas last week. The popular songs are ‘No More Dream’, ‘N.O’, ‘Real Man’, ‘Danger’, ‘I need you’, ‘Run’, ‘Fire’. And they are ‘Big Hit’ entertainment. Suga and Rap Monster are rapper. J hope is good at dancing in BTS members. I love JungKook in BTS. Forever BTS !!!

My daily life at KISH

I live in Royal City , so I take a schoolbus to go to school.

Before classes I prepare my textbooks and I wait for my teachers.

I am very hungry every morning. Therefore, I go to cafeteria with my friend.

I always eat triangle kimbab.

I think the school lunch is too tasteless. Sometime I buy ramen.

Whenever lunch time, my friend and I go to cafeteria.

In fifth period, I am very tired and sleepy. But I do study well.

Before I love P.E. class but today I hate P.E. The weather is so hot!

I hope we have a lot of fun in KISH life.


Korean student daily life and KISH daily life

Last year, I lived in Seoul, Korea. I went Namsung middle school.

My family moved Hanoi, Vietnam last February. So I am a student of Korean international school in Hanoi.

I was very surprised that the school is pretty big. There are elementary student children and high school children. Therefore there are 12 grades in school. I am 8 grade.

And then I’m very excited because of a cafeteria for students. In a break, I go to cafeteria with my friends.

학교 매점

In Namsung middle school is very small and there isn’t a cafeteria.

I think my homeroom teacher is very scared. But my classmates are very kind.

I want to get along with my classmates.